Dynatron Software is the premier provider of Automotive

fixed operation data analytics, business intelligence, and pricing optimization.

Our solutions provide quantifiable and substantial ROI with the least amount of managerial effort.

ROAMS Consulting is an automotive fixed operation consulting firm

We specialize in helping owners and managers better evaluate and improve employee performance utilizing technology and data.

About us

KEEPS creates solutions which provide industry-exclusive daily actionable data designed to save management time and improve profits for automotive service operations.

  • The company was founded by Vernon "Ray" Branch in 1993. Mr. Branch is widely respected for creating many of the automotive industries most critical KPI’s and best management practices used by top operators in the retail automotive industry today.
  • In 2013 Les Silver, Founder of Newgen Results, MPI and Service Repair Solutions partnered with Mr. Branch. Mr. Silver pioneered almost every aspect of automotive service technology dating back to the early 1980’s.
  • In 2016 Fraser McCombs Capital partnered with KEEPS assisting with the acquisition of Dynatron Software.
  • As of January 2018, KEEPS solutions can be found in over 1850 dealerships in the US and Canada including 7 of the USA’s top 10 Dealer Groups.
  • July 2018 KEEPS Founder Ray Branch Retires.
  • October 2018 KEEPS Solutions are in over 2050 dealerships in the US and Canada.

Dynatron Software is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the KEEPS Corporation. With the support and ongoing partnership of Fraser McCombs Capital, KEEPS looks forward to helping the Automotive Service industry utilize technology and data to enhance operational efficiency, profitability, and client retention.


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