What is the Pricing Opportunity?

Clarity on your 3 CP businesses
Managing Pricing Policy Compliance
Understanding your Market

About Us

The company was founded by Vernon "Ray" Branch over 20 years ago and has become the automotive industry's premier provider of retail automotive service department analytics, repair order analysis, and advanced service management support. The KEEPS Corporation combines unique data, advanced technology, and consulting support to ensure that our unique turn-key processes are implemented and executed. KEEPS Corporation solutions are found in 7 of the USA's top 10 Dealer Groups along with over 400 of other dealerships throughout the US and Canada spanning in 43 US states and provinces. The KEEPS Corporation holds offices in Raleigh, North Carolina and Las Vegas, Nevada.

What is Perfect Pricing

When your retail maintenance and repair pricing hit the sweet-spot of never being too high nor too low; your profitability is always maximized and you maintain superior long-term retention.



The industry has evolved to a point where the CP business is no longer a single business. It is now comprised of 3 businesses:

  • LOF
  • Maintenance
  • Repair

Each business needs to have its own pricing, marketing, and production strategy in order to maximize ELR, Gross Profit, and Retention.

DMS reporting can give you a financial overview, but it does not provide operational clarity.


Each dealership spends a lot of time and effort in creating a pricing policy that they feel is best for them. Unfortunately in many cases the prices are not being adhered to by the service staff.In order to ensure there is no profit leak you must actively manage pricing compliance on every line item of every repair order.


Your dealership does not operate in a vacuum. In order to maximize profit and retention you must understand your competitors.... their prices, and their value proposition. Once you have that knowledge your staff will be prepared to sell with confidence by educating your customers on how competitive you truly are.

Profit Gap Analysis

You have limited time and resources that need to be applied to your most lucrative opportunities. Should service pricing be on your list? Only a careful analysis of your data can tell you. If you would like to know how much opportunity exists you have two options:

• Conduct a painful manual RO analysis, similar to the mind
numbing exercise you are put through for a warranty rate increase.

• We can do can do it for you.

Your profit is directly driven from your pricing. Inconsistent or inaccurate pricing creates a significant profit drain.


What is the gap between what you think you are charging, what you are actually charging, and what you could be charging based on your competitive environment?


We will perform a line-by-line Forensic Analysis on 60 days worth of closed repair orders to determine your opportunity.


Here are the Dealer Management Systems & data partners that we integrate with:


Dealerships that partner with KEEPS improve ELR, Gross Profit, Retention, and Employee Satisfaction.


Increase in Repair ELR & 25% Increase in Pricing Compliance in the first 90 days

Marine Chevrolet Cadillac, Jacksonville NC


Increase in Total CP ELR and 2% improvement in CP Gross Profit % in my first 6 months

Cerritos Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Cerritos, CA


Increase year over year in our first two months even though we were down 139 CP ROs.

Atlantic Toyota in Long Island, NY


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